ABC in Sydney (2014)



ABC in Sydney was the 4th installment of the `ABC in ...’ series of international workshops on approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) and related methods. The other workshops in this series are:

  1. ABC in Paris, 2009

  2. ABC in London, 2011

  3. ABC in Rome, 2013

  4. ABC in Sydney, 2014

  5. ABC in Helsinki, 2015 (to be confirmed)

ABC refers to a class of statistical methods that allow the implementation of an approximate Bayesian analysis when evaluation of the likelihood function is computationally prohibitive or just unavailable. In the past ten years, ABC has moved from a niche idea in population genetics to a mainstream statistical procedure.

The workshop was held as a satellite to the joint IMS-ASC international conference, also held in Sydney, on 7-10 July, 2014. It consisted of invited talks on the latest innovations and applications of ABC and related methods. It commenced with a (crowd-sourced!) short course introducing ABC methods to those new to the area.

As such, the workshop was targeted to all students, researchers and academics with an interest in learning more about ABC, as well as those researchers who are working directly in the area.

Attendance is free: Thanks to our supporters: the Statistical Society of Australia, the ARC Centre of Excellence in Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers and the Faculty of Science, UNSW.

Workshop Speakers:

  1. Zach Aandahl, University of New South Wales

  2. Pierre Del Moral, University of New South Wales

  3. Chris Drovandi, Queensland University of Technology

  4. Gael Martin, Monash University

  5. Matthew Moores, Queensland University of Technology

  6. Dennis Prangle, Reading University, UK

  7. Guilherme Rodriguez, University of New South Wales

  8. Scott Sisson, University of New South Wales

  9. Brenda Nho Vo, Queensland University of Technology


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ABC in Sydney, 3-4 July 2014