Vera Roshchina

Mathematician at UNSW Sydney

I am an applied mathematician working on convex and nonsmooth problems that mostly come from optimisation.

Before joining the School of Mathematics and Statistics of UNSW Sydney in 2018 I was an ARC DECRA Research Fellow at RMIT University and held postdoctoral positions at the The University of Melbourne, Federation University Australia and University of Évora. I got my undergraduate degree from from St-Petersburg State University and my PhD is from the City University of Hong-Kong.


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Past Research Activities


Workshop on Optimisation, Metric Bounds, Approximation and Transversality (WOMBAT2021), 13–17 December 2021

Workshop on the Intersections of Computation and Optimisations (WICO), 22–25 November 2021

SIAM Conference on Optimization (OP21), 20-23 July 2021

Well-posedness of optimization problems and related topics, 28 June–2 July 2021


WOMBAT 2020, Geelong campus of Deakin University, 2–4 December 2020

Computational Techniques and Applications Conference (CTAC2020), 30 August–2 September 2020


WoMBaT 2019, 8-10 December 2019

“63nd” Annual Meeting of the Australian Maths Society, 3-6 December 2019

Integrable Systems 2019, 28–29 November 2019

Workshop on Geometry and Optimisation, 5–6 November 2019

See here for archived information.

14th International Seminar on Optimization and Related Areas (ISORA), 7–11 October 2019

Workshop Chile-Australia on Optimization (WACHO 2019), 2 October 2019

Complexity of numerical computation: a workshop in honour of Felipe Cucker, 19–23 August 2019

Workshop on Mathematical Billiards, 24–27 June 2019

BIRS workshop: Geometry of Real Polynomials, Convexity and Optimization, 26–31 May 2019


WoMBaT 2018, 29 November–1 December 2018

CTAC 2018, 27–30 November 2018

AVOCADO, 25–26 August 2018

Conference poster

Workshop on Fixed Points and Applications, 21 May 2018

This one-day workshop was held at RMIT, and was focussed around the research interests of Professor Hong-Kun Xu who was visiting me at that time. See here for more information about this workshop, also

MATRIX program on Approximation, Optimisation and Algebraic Geometry, February 2018

Variational Analysis Down Under (VADU2018) in honour of Asen Dontchev, 19–21 February 2018


WoMBaT 2017, 29 November–2 December 2017

SPOM in Western Australia, 8–10 December 2017


Workshop on polytopes, 17 November 2016

An informal gathering of those interested in the geometry of polytopes. See here for more information about this workshop.

WoMBaT 2016, 24–25 November

MATRIX Program on Approximation and Optimisation

The program was held on 11-16 July in Creswick, Victoria.

MODU2016 workshop, 18-22 July 2016

The workshop was designed to bring together researchers working in various areas of modern mathematical optimisation, to prompt an exchange of ideas between Australian and overseas researchers. The workshop was focussed on the modern aspects of optimisation that involve deep interplay between computational problems and pure mathematical questions.

Please visit here for more info.

Current Teaching

Honours level courses

Optimisation for Deep Learning (2020-2021)

This course endorsed by MoCaO special interest group of AustMS is taught via the AMSI ACE network in collaboration with Dr Nadia Sukhorukova (Swinburne University of Technology) and Dr Julien Ugon (Deakin University).

The goal is to provide theoretical foundations of the optimisation theory, and apply it to formulate and solve optimisation problems appearing in deep learning models using a range of optimisation techniques. More information is available on the course page

Undergraduate courses

Several Variable Calculus MATH2011 (2019-2021)

MATH2011 is a  second year calculus course that covers the fundamentals of vector calculus including Lagrange multipliers, Green, Stokes’ and divergence theorems and Fourier series.

Higher Mathematics MATH1231 (Algebra, 2019-2021)

MATH1231 is a first year algebra/calculus course.