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Programs for use

Here are some programs that have been written for me to aid or support my research, by students at UNSW. Thanks to Thai Son Hoang, Michael Leeming, Ben Hutchinson and Alex Ma for their fantastic programming contributions!

Note for Internet Explorer: To use these you need to download Sun's Java Runtime environment from their website http://www.sun.com.

The mutation and numbers game (Thai Son Hoang)

These applets play the mutation games and numbers games, which are remarkable games that one can play on graphs, closely connected to Lie groups and Lie algebras, representation theory, and much else besides.


Finite geometry sketch pad (Alexander Ma)

This applet allows you to draw lines, circles and hyperbolas in the plane over a finite field with p elements, where p is a prime that you input. It is largely self-explanatory.

Diophantine equation solver (Michael Leeming)

This applet allows you to solve rather general Diophantine equations, particularly over finite fields, but also sometimes over the rationals. It is based on the Power method, developed by N J Wildberger, and described in

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Ellipson motion (Thai Son Hoang)

This applet shows two dimensional slices of the ellipson, a lovely surface which arises from the Triple spread formula in rational trigonometry.