ADE Game

Note for Internet Explorer users: You need to download Sun's Java Runtime environment from their website

You can download and play the game offline here (along with other "Number games"). To run ADE Game, execute command: "/path_to/java ADEGame".

Rule of the game

The game apply to a special set of indirect connected graphs (called ADE graphs).

Each node in the graph has a number (integer) associated with. In the case of ADE graphs, originally, there is only one positive node in the graph which has value 1. In each step, you can choose to ``fire'' at all positive nodes in the graph, and the values of the graph will be changed as follows:

The properties of ADE graphs is that if we follow the rules, there will never be two positive nodes next to each other. The firing rule is applied concurrently for all positive nodes. So if a node next to two positive nodes, its value will be the same as the current value of that node plus the value of its positive neighbouring nodes.

Control the applet

The applet have four parts: The menu bar at the top, the graphic area on the left, the tracing area on the right and the button bar at the bottom.

  1. The menu bar has two menus: Game and About. You can create a new game from Game menu, and get help from About menu.

  2. The graphic area is for displaying of the current graph.

  3. The tracing area keeps the history of the graph.

  4. The button bar gives control of the applet.

There are two modes for the game, namely: Editing, Playing. In each mode, the menu bar will be changed accordingly.

Editing mode

There are three buttons in this mode: Help, Load and Playing.

Playing mode

There are six buttons in this mode: Help, Undo, Fire, Exhaust fire, Show graph and Editing.

The printed version of this document can be seen here.

Thai Son Hoang