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Hi, this is the Home Page of my personal mathematical website.

I am a professor of mathematics at UNSW Sydney.


School of Mathematics and Statistics, UNSW Sydney 2052 Australia


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Welcome...to a Mathematical site:

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DIVINE PROPORTIONS : Rational Trigonometry to Universal Geometry

by N J Wildberger

Wild Egg Books, Sydney 2005.

ISBN: 0-9757492-0-X



Available at http://wildegg.com or at amazon.com.

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This website outlines my mathematical research interests, and describes my book Divine Proportions: Rational Trigonometry to Universal Geometry. Downloads of various parts of the book are available here, in particular Chapter 1.

It is also the location of a Rational Trigonometry site --a place to collect various papers and examples illustrating rational trigonometry.

You can view my YouTube videos on rational trigonometry. There are four series: WildTrig on Rational trigonometry and geometry, Math Foundations on, foundations of mathematics, WildLinAlg which is a first course in Linear Algebra, and seminars.

You may find (some of) my mathematical papers and separately various survey articles, as well as information about my teaching and service to UNSW (University of New South Wales). Here are some views and opinions that you might find provocative and interesting (on set theory, infinities, rational trigonometry, evolution versus Intelligent Design etc).

You can play with the following applets:

Diophantine equation solver (Michael Leeming) This beautiful program uses the power method of N J Wildberger to solve Diophantine equations over finite fields of prime order. The power method doesn't always work, but it does surprisingly well, even for large complicated equations.

The mutation and numbers games (Thai Son Huang) These games embed Lie theory into graph theory. Many beautiful lattices (in the combinatorial sense) arise.

Ellipson cross sections (Thai Son Huang) A simple applet showing the lovely ellipson, arising from the Triple spread formula in Rational trigonometry

Finite geometry graphics (Alexander Ma) An applet which allows you to graph lines, circles and some other conics in a finite field of prime order.

Brief background

Born and raised in Canada, I now enjoy the warmer Australian life-style, but still like to visit my home country. I was educated at Adam Scott High School in Peterboro Ontario, Richmond Hill High School in Richmond Hill Ontario, University of Toronto (BSC 1979) and Yale University (PhD 1984). I taught at Stanford University (1984-1986) and the University of Toronto (1986-1989) before coming to UNSW (University of New South Wales), Sydney, in 1990. My wife Kim and I have a daughter Alexandra.

Wild Egg Books


Wild Egg is a new, small publisher of high quality mathematical texts. I am the director of this fledgling outfit, and hope to establish in the years to come a spare but illustrious line of mathematical texts that break out of the usual mold.

The first offering is Divine Proportions: Rational Trigonometry to Universal Geometry which was released September 2005, and is available over the internet at http://wildegg.com. It gives a new framework for not only trigonometry but also Euclidean geometry!


You can also check out my official UNSW website, which is just one page long at
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