Workshop on Parabolic Geometry

Red Centre, Room 3084

UNSW, February 23-25, 2005

The Red Centre is located near the centre of the UNSW campus.

The workshop dinner was held on Thursday night. 

For information about the workshop, email Michael Cowling with parabolic workshop in the subject line.


10.05-10.55 11.05-11.55 14.05-14.55 15.05-15.55
Wednesday Cartan connections I (RG) Jet spaces I (BW)
Thursday Cartan connections II (ME) Jet spaces II (BW) Cartan connections III (RG) Prolungations (AK)
Friday Vector field method (FdM) Nilpotent groups (HMR) Maps preserving collinearity (RMcC) Loose threads and pieces of string (ME)