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(Neuro) Imaging Genetics

Imaging genetics refers to the use of anatomical or physiological imaging technologies as phenotypic assays to evaluate genetic variation. (c.f. Wikipedia)

We will be mainly interested with images from the brain, for example Diffusion Tensor Images (DTI):

or functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) that can be dealt with our R AnlayzeFMRI package:

or anatomical images:

Our (Neuro)Imaging Genetics project aims at developing new innovative integrative statistical methods that will help to disentangle genetics from environmental factors in human diseases or pathologies. This is an important problem. Indeed, if it is known that a disease is mainly due to environmental factors, then it is possible to find which ones and give recommendations to the patient (e.g., stop smoking). If it is due to genetics, then gene therapy will be the only solution.

Currently, we are extending and adapting to the specificities of neuroimaging data, two well know statistical techniques:

  • Projection to Latent Structures (PLS) methods;
  • Data Depth methods.