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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) University of Sydney 1988 (Latin, Classical Greek)

·        Honours Thesis: “A Glimpse of Roman Sicily” – used epigraphic and archaeological evidence to sketch a social snapshot of Sicily in the first three centuries of the Empire.

As a graduate, I worked in the Australian Commonwealth Department of Defence and Department of Finance.  I then took time to be a full-time mother, before returning to the workforce in an administrative role in a small NSW public primary school.

Current Research:

The Restraint Project

My biography of Jane Austen's friend and mentor, Jane Austen's Inspiration: Beloved Friend Anne Lefroy appeared in 2019.

My book The Missing Monument Murders appeared in 2016. It describes dark deeds related to Jane Austen's relatives, the Leighs, at Stoneleigh Abbey in the early nineteenth century ... The Australian's review

Recent Articles:

Why Jordan Peterson matters: Virtue and naturalistic morality” Quadrant vol LXII.10, October 2018, 54-58.

Alice Meynell and the ''consequence'' of Jane Austen” JASNA: Jane Austen Society of North America vol 38.3, Summer 2018.

Self-Control: the Neglected Key to Learning.” Quadrant vol LIV.10, October 2010, 70-75.

“Virtue to Grace: Self-Control in the Roman World.” Classicum vol XXXIII.2, October 2007, 5-18.

“Nothing too Much: Self-Control from Homer to Aristotle.” Classicum vol XXXII.2, October 2006, 19-31.

“Instruction With Amusement: Jane Austen’s Women of Sense.” Renascence  Vol. LX, No. 1, Fall 2007, 3-16. 

Jane Austen, anti-Jacobin ” New Criterion  Vol. 23, No. 5, Jan 2005. 

Conference Papers:

“The Dragged-Around Slave or the Leaky Jar: Akrasia in the Protagoras, and Akolasia in the Gorgias.”  Presented to the Australasian Society for Classical Studies 29th Conference January 2008.

“A Case of Life and Death: Crime and Self-Control in Gin Lane.”  Presented to Australian Temperance: A Miniconference of the Restraint Project, 6 December 2008.

“From Moral to Medical: the Retreat of Self-Control in the Twentieth Century.”  Presented to Teaching Temperance seminar, Warrane College, University of NSW, 2 May 2009.

My Academia.edu page

Other Stuff: I am an active member of the Jane Austen Society of Australia and have a particular interest in eighteenth-century literature.  I also enjoy being outdoors and watching my kids play sport.

Contact: judy dot stove at unsw dot edu au