Igor Shparlinski


School of Mathematics and Statistics
The University of New South Wales
Sydney NSW 2052

Office: RC-5112

Email: igor.shparlinski@unsw.edu.au

Telephone: +61 (02) 9385 5281



Areas of Interest

Problems on Exponential and Character Sums

Exponential and character sums is one of the most universal number theoretic tools with applications in many several areas of mathematics, coding theory, cryptography and computer science. Here is a list of open problems at various levels of difficulty: some may suite for beginners and will consitute just a short self-contained project, some may requite more significant knowledge and efforts.

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Books: A complete list of publications is here .

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  • Travelling: anywhere, anytime
  • Dogs: any breed
  • Beer: unfortunately, in my taste, Australian Beer = o(German Beer)
  • Wine: fortunately, in my taste, Any Other Wine = o(Australian Shiraz)
  • Martial Arts: black belt in Judo
  • Endless Meetings
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Ties (both on my neck and in a game)
  • Onion

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