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Associate Professor Ian Doust

BSc W.Aust., MSc Tor., PhD Edin., FAustMS

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Office: Room 6113, Red Centre
Email: My email
+61 - 2 - 9385 7097
+61 - 2 - 9385 7003 (Pure Mathematics Office)
+61 - 2 - 9385 7123
School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of New South Wales
UNSW Sydney, NSW, 2052

Research Interests

Much of my work is in the area of operator theory and the geometry of Banach spaces. In particular my work has concentrated on the relationships between functional calculus and integral representations for operators, and how this is affected by geometric properties of the spaces on which the operators act. More recently I have been investigating geometric properties of metric spaces.

Other Activities

I am the Director of Postgraduate Studies - Research in the School of Mathematics and Statistics.


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Short Biography

Born and bred in Perth, Western Australia, I completed a BSc(Hons) in Pure Mathematics in 1982. After 2 years working as a mathematician and programmer for a surveying company I returned to study in 1984. I completed an MSc at the University of Toronto under the supervision of Peter Rosenthal in 1985 before going to Edinburgh to start a PhD with Alastair Gillespie. My PhD was awarded in 1988 for a thesis entitled "Well-bounded operators and the geometry of Banach spaces".

On completing my PhD I returned to Australia to a postdoctoral position at Macquarie University working with Alan McIntosh. In 1989 I was lured to the other side of Sydney to take up a lectureship at UNSW.

Since arriving at UNSW, I have got married to Jacqueline, been promoted, and have passed my eyes across more first year papers than I care to remember! Our family is now up to 6 with the arrivals of Joshua (1997), Matthew (2000), Shane (2003) and Leah (2007...spoiling the arithmetic progression).


Many of my publications are available on-line.