I am a Professor and Australian Research Council Future Fellow in the Department of Statistics at the University of New South Wales. My research interests are in ecological statistics - developing new methodologies for data analysis in ecological research, and increasing awareness in ecology and related disciplines of existing methodologies. For more details, see the Eco-Stats website, which summarises my current research activity together with that of a growing team of collaborators and research students.

My attraction to ecology stems from an interest in the natural world - and ecology is, after all, the study of how organisms get by from day-to-day in the natural world.  My attraction to statistics comes through an interest in general problems, and methodological problems can be quite general.  For example, my work in allometry is relevant not only to ecology, but to the other life sciences, astronomy, engineering, etc.

In my spare time I used to be partial to cricket, hockey, swimming (particularly bodysurfing!), and sometimes chess. Nowadays, I'm just partial to spare time.  

Academic/employment history:

Professor in Statistics, UNSW (2015-)

Australian Research Council Future Fellow (2013-)

Associate Professor in Statistics, UNSW (2011-2014)

Senior lecturer in Statistics, UNSW (2007-2010)

Lecturer in Statistics, UNSW (2003-2007)

Ph.D. (Macquarie, 2000-2003) - statistics in ecology

M.A. (U.Syd, 1998-1999) - mathematical statistics

B.Sc. (Hons) (U.Syd., 1994-1997) - majored in biology and maths, honours in plant ecology

Eco-Stats group, 2014

The Eco-Stats group, 2014: (left to right) Left to right: David Warton, Eve Slavich, Francis Hui, Jakub Stoklosa, Gordana Popvic, Andrew Letten.