My mathematical family tree

All the information here came from the Mathematics Genealogy Project website, which compiles data on mathematicians, their PhD supervisor, thesis title and year.

The Mathematics Genealogy project site also has links to the biographies of many of these mathematicians. The symbol ⇓ points from the supervisor to the supervisee. (Peter Neumann was my supervisor, and so on.) The date is the date that the thesis was awarded, if known.


Erhard Weigel

Gottfried Leibniz

Jacob Bernoulli

Johann Bernoulli

Leonhard Euler

Joseph Lagrange

Simeon Poisson

Michel Chasles (1814)

H.A. Newton (1850)

E.H. Moore (1885)

Oswald Veblen (1903)

John Whitehead (1930)

Graham Higman (1941)

Peter Neumann (1966)

Catherine Greenhill (1996)

⇙     ⇓     ⇘

Stephen Howe (2009);     Peter Ayre (2019);     Haya Aldosari (2020)