Other stuff

I am appalled by Australia's treatment of refugees and people seeking asylum.

A couple of other things:

  • I used to spend some of my spare time spent writing songs. (Or maybe I just have less spare time now than I did before?)
  • Catherine Sophie Greenhill is believed to have been the first person to be resuscitated using electric shock. She fell out of a window in London aged three on 16 July 1774 and was pronounced dead, then revived by a member of the Humane Society, using a portable electrostatic generator. She even has the same middle initial as me.

Science at the Shine Dome 2015 old UNSW staff photo Melbourne staff photo
Taken at Science at the Shine Dome, 2015. Photo credit: Mark Graham. My old UNSW work photo, taken when I started in 2003. My Melbourne work photo, probably taken in 2000.
Really old photo old footie photo, Leeds
Leeds staff photo? 1996? Can't remember! Staff-student football team, School of Computing, University of Leeds, probably 1999.

This is me, introducing Malabar Pramanik, who was the first plenary speaker at the WIMSIG2017 conference.
Photo credit:
Sia Duff.