March 2021: Nina Kamčev, Anita Liebenau, Tamás Makai, Brendan McKay and myself had lunch.

December 2019: Matthew Kwan dropped by. Thanks Nina Kamčev for taking this photo of myself, Matt Kwan and Anita Liebenau.

December 2019, we held the 42nd Australasian Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing (42ACCMCC)at UNSW. Here's a conference photo.

August 2017, Nick Cavenagh visited from Waikato: pictured are Diana Combe, Julian Abel, Mikhail Isaev, Thomas Britz, Nick Cavenagh, myself and Yudhi Bunjamin.

There were several UNSW people at 40ACCMCC in Newcastle, December 2016, and at the APCO workshop which followed. Dana Randall and Matthew Fahrbach from Georgia Tech were deemed honorary UNSW folk for the purpose of this photo. Pictured here at APCO are Dana Randall, Peter Ayre, Matthew Fahrbach, Mikhail Isaev, Haya Aldosari, Changhao Chen, Serge Gaspers, Shenwei Huang and myself.

Fiona Skerman visited UNSW from Bristol, November 2016: Thomas Britz, Changhao Chen, Adam Mammoliti, Ana Zumalacarregui, myself, Mikhail Isaev and Fiona Skerman.

Combinatorics people, May 2014: Diana Combe, myself, Matthew Kwan, Reshma Ramadurai, Adam Mammoliti, Julian Abel and Thomas Britz.

Not actually taken at UNSW, but shows Nick Wormald (Monash), myself, Brendan McKay (ANU) and Matthew Kwan (my Honours student) at 37ACCMCC in Perth, December 2013.

One week we had a LOT of combinatorics people at UNSW: during 36ACCMCC, 10 - 14 December, 2012. It was a great week, thanks everyone for coming.

Combinatorics folk from UNSW with two visitors, October 2012. (Brendan McKay was visiting from ANU, and David Wind spent a semester at UNSW on exchange from the Technical University of Denmark.) Back row: Myself, Thomas Britz, Julian Abel. Front row: David Wind, Brendan McKay, Natalya Levenkova and Diana Combe.

Combinatorics folk from UNSW and the University of Sydney, December 2008. The occasion: Stephen's completion of the minor corrections to his thesis, and a pre-Christmas sendoff before he starts his postdoc at ANU in January 2009. Back row: Julian Abel, Diana Combe, Adrian Nelson. Front row: Bill Palmer, Stephen Howe and myself. (Thomas Britz was attending 4ICC in Auckland but with us in spirit.)

This is a bunch of Combinatorics folk from UNSW and the University of Sydney, namely: Diana Combe, Adrian Nelson, Nick Cavenagh (now at Monash University), Julian Abel, Thomas Britz, Bill Palmer, Stephen Howe and myself. Photo taken in January 2008.