UnderstandMath.tv - Dr Chris Tisdell

Senior Lecturer
School of Mathematics and Statistics
The University of New South Wales
Sydney, 2052, NSW

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Office: Red Centre
Room 4103
Phone No: 9385 7083

Download these PDFs to accompany my YouTube videos

U--Calc: University Calculus: Semester 1, Year 1. Part 1. Functions, graphs, inequalities and limits.
U--Alg: University Algebra: Semester 1, Year 1. Part 1. Complex numbers.

Calc 2: Mathematics 1B (MATH1231): Semester 2, Year 1.

Functions of two variables.

Integration techniques.

First order differential equations.

Second order differential equations.

Taylor polynomials.



Taylor + Power series.

Applications of integration.

EngMath: Engineering Mathematics: Semester 1, Year 2.

Get the notes here

Several variable / vector calculus: Semester 1, Year 2.

Revision of vectors.

Vector functions of one variable.

Functions of several variables.

Extreme values + Lagrange multipliers..

Jacobian matrix and applications.

Double integrals and applications.

Fourier series tutorial.