MATH1231 Algebra - Supplementary notes

Obtaining lecture material. The lecture notes are in the form of PostScript files. You will need Ghostview to access them. If you are a student at UNSW and have an account on sigma, Ghostview is available on your account. If you wish to access notes from elsewhere you will need to install Ghostview. To download the version currently used at the School of Mathematics, go back to my home page. Once you have installed Ghostview, you can obtain the notes just by clicking below. Brief information on the use of Ghostview can be found here.

Problems? Occasionally students have difficulty printing these notes at home even after obtaining Ghostview. The reason is not clear but may be something to do with the operating system (Unix at university, Windows for many people at home). I have been told by the School of Mathematics computing staff that there should be no problem obtaining notes from your mathematics account (that is, the one you use for Maple assignments). So if you can't get the notes at home, please try using your account in the Red Centre terminal laboratories. If there are still problems, please ask one of the computing consultants.

Please note that these notes were posted in 2003. I have not lectured the course since then and so it is possible that they will not reflect precisely what is on this year's syllabus. It is quite likely that references to page, section and problem numbers in the printed algebra notes will no longer be completely accurate.

Last modified 17 January, 2005
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