I am an applied mathematician at the School of Mathematics & Statistics, UNSW Australia. I use dynamical systems, stochastic modelling and queueing theory, amongst other techniques to develop mathematical models, algorithms and solutions to real world problems in medicine and biology.


Research Opportunities

I am looking for a Research Associate to undertake collaborative and self-directed research on an ARC-funded Discovery Project titled "The mathematics of stochastic transport and signalling in cells". The aim of the project is to develop new stochastic mathematical models of the dynamics of protein transport and cell signalling.

The mathematics will link macro scale biological observations to micro scale molecular movements to characterise the relative role that different components and processes play. Expected outcomes are robust mathematical analyses of the transient dynamics of closed, finite capacity queueing networks and biological insight into the major control mechanisms in cellular insulin signalling. A major objective is the development of methods to quantitatively compare the time courses of stochastic measurements with the outputs of stochastic mathematical models, with a view to driving parameter inference and model selection in these systems.

The position is based at UNSW Sydney and is for up to 3 years. Applications close on May 10, 2021.

Women and people from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

See here for details.

There are also opportunities for students to get involved in the project. Please get in contact if you are interested.


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Adelle Coster
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Department of Applied Mathematics
School of Mathematics & Statistics
University of New South Wales
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