M. Cowling's Pic


Michael Cowling's students have worked in several areas of harmonic analysis, Lie theory, differential geometry and representation theory.

Oli Klima worked on complex spherical harmonics, and then went to Cambridge to do a Phd in number theory. Click here to see Oli's MSc thesis.

Keith Rogers worked on van der Corput's inequality, in the real and p-adic cases. He now holds a postdoctoral position in Madrid. Click here to see Keith's PhD thesis.

Alessandro Veca worked on harmonic analysis on p-adic groups, jointly supervised by Stefano Meda. He finished his doctoral work in 2002, with a proof of the Kunze-Stein phenomenon for p-adic semisimple groups. He is now working in banking in Milan. Click here to see Ale's PhD thesis, from the University of Milan-Bicocca.

Ben Warhurst worked on contact and quasiconformal maps on stratified nilpotent groups. He now holds an ARC postdoctoral fellowship at UNSW. Click here to see Ben's PhD thesis.