cover of PhD thesisPhD Thesis

I defended my PhD on December 13, 2013 at the math department of the University of Basel.

My thesis, entitled Trace zero varieties in cryptography: Optimal representation and index calculus, was published by the University of Basel under DOI 10.5451/unibas-006246470.

In Chapter 3, I promised to make some equations of the trace zero variety available online.

The thesis and the equations can be downloaded here:

Below is a picture of Tanja Lange, who was a referee for my thesis, myself, and my advisor Elisa Gorla. Also, the hat (a German/Swiss German tradition) and the buffet, both prepared by my lovely colleagues. Thanks guys!

referees phd hat buffet 1 buffet 2 buffet 3 buffet 4 buffet 5 buffet 6 buffet 7

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