Join us in Auckland to
celebrate the work of
Ernie Kalnins

All are welcome to attend. Speakers will be by invitation. To registration, use the registration form.

If you are attending Kalnins Fest 2018 please consider participating in the Sixth Annual Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Mathematical Physics. The ANZAMP meeting is from 30th January to 1st February December, in the same venue; Spencer Hotel on Byron, Auckland, New Zealand.


08:50 Opening
09:00 Willard Miller (Minnesota) Collaboration with Ernie: Separation of variables and superintegrability
09:50 Colin Rogers (UNSW) Ermakov-Painlevé II Reduction in Cold Plasma Physics
10:40 Morning tea
11:10 Vladimir Matveev (Jena) Superintegrable metrics on surfaces and applications
11:40 Holger Dullin (Sydney) Defect in the Joint Spectrum of Hydrogen due to Monodromy
12:10 Jörg Frauendiener (Otago) Stability of black holes and symmetry operators
12:40 Lunch
14:00 Howard Cohl (NIST) Fourier and Gegenbauer expansions for a fundamental solution of the Helmholtz operator in Riemannian spaces of constant curvature
14:30 Ian Marquette (Queensland) Construction of classical and quantum superintegrable systems
15:00 Joshua Capel (UNSW) Contractions of maximally superintegrable systems in 3-dimensional conformally flat spaces
15:30 Afternoon tea
16:00 Konrad Schöbel Towards a classification of superintegrable systems in arbitrary dimension
16:30 Luc Vinet (Montreal) Tridiagonalization, Special Functions and Algebras
17:20 Closing
18:30 Dinner Tok Tok
129 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna, Auckland 0622


Wee Chaimanowong
Howard Cohl
Holger Dullin
Bartek Ewertowski
Keegan Flood
Angela Foerster
Joerg Frauendiener
Rod Gover
Phillip Isaac
Jonathan Kress
Woei Chet Lim
Jon Links
Ian Marquette
Vladimir Matveev
Tomas Michalik
Willard Miller
Makoto Narita
Yuri Nikolayevsky
Jeremy Nugent
Susumu Osawa
Sam Porath
Colin Rogers
Konrad Schoebel
Sebastian Schuster
Yibing Shen
Daniel Snell
Luc Vinet
Graeme Wake

Organising committee

Rod Gover
Jonathan Kress

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