Scientia PhD Scholarship

As part of the UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship Scheme , a scholarship opportunity is dedicated to outstanding applicants in the area of number theory and arithmetic dynamics. 

The goal of the scheme is to attract outstanding candidates to work in the area of number theory and arithmetic dynamics under the supervision and in collaboration with Profs Igor Shparlinski and John Roberts as well as with other members of the research groups in Dynamics and Number Theory. 

This scheme provides a general support of tax-free 40,000 AUD per annum for 4 years (with the tuition fee waved) with a possibility of further research and travel support. 

The School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW is among the top research schools in mathematics in Australia with extensive research funding and international links. 

Cautionary note: Please read carefully Please note that only truly outstanding candidates will be considered. Statements of the type "I believe that I am suitable/dedicated/hard working etc." will be ignored unless they are fully substantiated by publications or at the very least preprints on public servers (e.g. arXiv). Queries from applicants who obviously fail this requirement will not be acknowledged or responded to. 

The time-line is very strict, so please contact Profs Igor Shparlinski and John Roberts by 7 November 2016 with expression of interest, including your CV and draft Research Statement.