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School of Mathematics and Statistics
UNSW Australia
Sydney, NSW 2052, AUSTRALIA
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I have funding for a 3-year PhD stipend connected with the grant "A new model for random discrete structures: distributions, counting and sampling". If you are interested please email me. International students will also need to apply for an IPRS through UNSW, in order to be considered for a Tuition Fee Scholarship (which will, perhaps not surprisingly, cover the tuition fees: the stipend covers living allowance).


My first degree was a B.Sc. in Mathematics at the University of Queensland, in Brisbane, Australia. I completed my B.Sc. in November 1991 and did an M.Sc. by research, supervised by Professor Anne Street. My M.Sc. thesis was on smallest defining sets of certain combinatorial designs.

Next stop was the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford. My doctorate was supervised by Dr. Peter Neumann. I was awarded my D.Phil. in 1996. My D.Phil. thesis was on algorithms related to the exterior square of matrices over finite fields.

My first postdoctoral position was held at the School of Computer Studies (now the School of Computing) of the University of Leeds. I was a research fellow from December 1996 until January 2000, working with Professor Martin Dyer as part of the Algorithms and Complexity group. Our research was supported in part by the ESPRIT Working Group RAND2. I held a Leverhulme Trust Special Research Fellowship from December 1998 until January 2000.

I left Leeds in January 2000, to move back to Australia. In February 2000 I took up an Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Mathematics Department of the University of Melbourne. I worked with Assoc. Prof. Nicholas Wormald, as part of the Statistical Mechanics and Combinatorics research group, until the end of 2002.

In January 2003 I joined the School of Mathematics and Statistics of the UNSW Australia (the University of New South Wales) as a lecturer. I was promoted to Senior Lecturer in July 2006 and promoted to Associate Professor in January 2014. I am a member of the Combinatorics research group. I spent the first half of 2012 on sabbatical at Durham University, UK, as a member of the Algorithms and Complexity group.

I am a Managing Editor of the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics and a member of the Council of the Combinatorial Mathematics Society of Australasia.

Mathematical miscellanea

  • My Erdös number is 2. (Follow the link then click on either Erdos1 or Erdos2 and you'll find me in the file.)
  • My mathematical family tree. I am no longer a leaf!
  • My h-index computed using MathSciNet is 10; computed using Scopus is 12; computed using Google Scholar is 18. (Updated June 2014.) Make of that what you will. (The ghosts of Citations Past, Present and Future?)
  • Combinatorics at UNSW.
  • A visual representation of the titles of my papers, created July 2010.