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Contact information

+61 - 2 - 9385 7086
+61 - 2 - 9385 7111 (School Office)
+61 - 2 - 9385 7123
School of Mathematics
University of New South Wales
Sydney, NSW, 2052

Brief History

My undergraduate work was at The University of Queensland (1974-77). I completed my PhD in 1982 at The Flinders University of South Australia under the direction of Igor Kluvanek. Since then, I have taught at Ohio State University (1984-85), The University of Wollongong (1987-89), Macquarie University (1989-90) and in 1990, I arrived at UNSW.

Research Interests

I have worked on probability theory on vector spaces, semigroups of linear operators, functional calculi for systems of operators, and on the solution of evolution equations via functional integration. The techniques of integration in infinite dimensional vector spaces are brought to bear on these problems. I am interested in the mathematical theory of so-called ``Feynman integrals'', and their use in quantum physics. I completed a research monograph Evolution Processes and the Feynman-Kac Formula published by Kluwer in 1996. and more recently, Spectral Properties of Noncommuting Operators published by Springer in 2004.

Personal Information

Here are pictures of my India trip with my son George.


My publications.

Errata for Spectral Properties of Noncommuting Operators (Aug 8, 2009).

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